British Sailing Team

The British Sailing Team and UK Sport are the primary support to my Professional Windsurfing Olympic Campaign. Financial, coaching, logistics and sports experts are there to provide structure, discipline and direction towards winning Gold at the Olympic Games 2016.

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Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars are a huge support towards my campaign. Having a suitable vehicle for driving around Europe with all my windsurfing gear is an invaluable part of the programme taken care of.


ION Products

ION wetsuits have great feminine styling and are ideal for windsurfing. They are a loyal supporter to my campaign, providing free wetsuits and accessories.

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Fanatic windsurfing and SUP boards are ideal for cross training and enjoying the elements. Surfing waves is the ultimate buzz for me outside of competition.

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North windsurfing and kitesurfing is the best gear I could wish to have for watersports playtime, so I can have fun whatever the weather!

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